The Role of the Wand for the Budding Witch or Wizard

Modern magic has had a resurgence since the tales of a certain young wizard, one Harry Potter by name, has leaked out to the muggle (non-wizarding) world; and with it has come the need for tools to work it "aka" a Harry Potter Wand.

The primary tool for working magic is the wand; it is a channel and focus for the energy released by the person wielding it. Even spells and incantations can be made more focused (and powerful) when aided by the use of a wand. It allows the user to discriminate among objects in a group, rather than release energy in a general direction. Since the energy is focused on one object, it requires less expenditure to achieve the desired results; and you are less likely to destroy something delicate nearby.

Most of the requested is a Harry Potter wand, or another made famous by the students and faculty at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

A true Harry Potter wand would of course be impossible, as the core has as its transmitter a phoenix feather, and there were only 2 such feathers ever acquired. They are both, as we know, tied to the most powerful wizards ever- Harry Potter and Voldemort.

This issue aside, replicas are available, or you may wish to purchase one that suits your own style of magic.

Buried inside each wand is a magical core, some essence that will promote the flow of magic energy through the wand. In Harry's case, it is the phoenix feather. It could also be unicorn, griffin, mermaid or centaur hair; dragon or basilisk scale, or any number of natural ingredients found in the realm of magic. They have 'raw' magic built into their very cells and are therefore perfect for channeling magical energy. These may be used singly, or in combination. The wand itself is also a factor depending on the substance used. Most often, it is a type of wood- rowan, willow, iron oak and yew being among the most popular. Wood is more resilient, allowing energy to flow unimpeded. It also holds up to magical and physical accidents better than more brittle substances. Anyone who has ever studied the craft has more than one story of an enchantment gone awry when learning to work with magic.

A wand may be enhanced with runes or stones associated with the transmission of energy. In some cases, it has even been made entirely of stone or metal.

Although exaggerated for the movie, it is true that the wand that best suits your personal energy will draw you. It may be subtle, a feeling of contentment when holding it, or it may be almost like an electric jolt; an instant connection that courses through you and you're saying 'This is it!' before you even know you've spoken.

Source by Mary Mark O Adams

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