The Facts About Hertford – Hertfordshire

Hertford is a place where many famous names have begun. It was where Deep Purple, a rock band formed in 1968, was formed, and Rupert Grint, also known as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, was living here when he was cast for the films. Alfred Russel Wallace, the man who proposed the same Darwin theory of natural selection, lived here for around eight years. The extremist politician, John Wilkes, was educated in Hertford – Hertfordshire.

Samuel Stone was a Puritan Minister who established the American town of Hartford. He was baptised at the All Saints Church in Hertford and lived there for some time. One of the last witches to be condemned to death was tried at Hertford’s county courts. Finally, Henry Stout was theorized to have invented stout in the 1670s, he was a Quaker of the White Lion in Fore Street.


Hertford was mentioned in texts as far back as 673 A. D. The famed Domesday Book had not long been around when Hertford had already grown to hold a couple of churches and markets and several mills, as well as a castle in progress and the Priory was founded. King Henry II later had the castle recreated, but around 1210s it was captured by Prince Louis. Visited regularly by English royals, it was in 1358 that Queen Isabella passed away in the castle.

In 1530s, the Hertford Priory was dissolved and destroyed. Since London was suffering from a plague in 1563, Parliament met at the castle. Eventually, transport was improved with the construction of the canal in 1760s and railway in 1840s.

Hertford is a very big location for attractions, with around 25 pubs and clubs, 35 restaurants, takeaways and snacks bars, as well as swimming pool and gyms and even a skatepark. This boom in growth took place mainly between the eighties and nineties.

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