OE English Spell Checker Gone (And We’re Not Talking About Harry Potter Type Spells Either)

I have heard from a few people lately who are confused as to why their spell checker in Outlook Express is only finding and correcting words in French. Now don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against France, French people or even the French language. But something seemed rotten in the State of Denmark (or the Provence de Bourgogne as the case may be!)

A little bit of online searching revealed the answer, but first, a little bit about how the spell checker in Outlook Express works.

Outlook Express doesn’t come with its own spell checker – it uses the checker from whatever version of Microsoft Office you have installed. If you don’t use Office at all, or if you use a different program for word processing (Star Office, AbiWord, etc), then your Outlook Express won’t do spell checking. If you are at all like me, spell check can be one of your best friends!

Now, here is that answer I promised you. It seems that an upgrade from a previous version of Microsoft Office to Office 2007 comes with many new features, one of which is a brand new and improved spell checker. The old spell checker files for English, German and Spanish are removed during the installation and replaced with Office 2007 versions. Unfortunately, the new spell checker files aren’t compatible with Outlook Express (Microsoft Knowledge Base KB932974). As of the writing of this article, Microsoft has no plans to address this.

Well, what can one do? According to Microsoft there are plenty of third party spell checkers out there. Many of them are even free! So I’ve gone through the trouble of trying a few of them out, and here they are:

Spell Checker For OE – I am currently using this one and it is one of the few free spell checkers out there.

ABCSpell for Outlook Express I have tried this one at home as well – it includes a thesaurus.

SpellCheck.net [http://www.spellcheck.net] This is a free on-line spell checker that you can use if you don’t want to install one on your computer system.

Another option is to create and edit your e-mails in Word, and then copy them into Outlook Express.

If you want to find your own spell checker, just type “spell checker” into your favorite search engine. Be careful where you are downloading from though. Ask your friendly neighborhood computer guy about safe download sites.

Happy spelling!

Source by Ken Budzak

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