My Favorite Harry Potter Character


The most unlikeable Harry Potter character, is also perhaps the most complex character, the one and only Severus Snape.

This oily, black haired, hook nosed Potions Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, from day one had an unnatural dislike towards Harry. This was due to the fact that Severus, used to dislike Harry's father, James Potter, when they were both at school. Coupling this with the fact that James once saved Snape's life and that he married Snape's dream girl, Lily Evans, it is no wonder that Snape harbored such ill feeling towards him, and thereafter towards Harry, James's seed.

Snape is a complex character, I would argue. He was infactuated with the Dark Arts, when at school, going as far as to join up under Lord Voldemort, when he was trying to take over the British wizarding world in the late 1970's. While in service to Lord Voldemort, he overheard a prophecy that concerned his master, and naturally hastened to let him know the contents.

These contents referred to a boy that would one day be able to vanquish him. Lord Voldemort believed that this boy was Harry Potter, the son of Lily.

In a trait uncommon in a Death Eater, Snape, because of the love he bore for Lily, begged Albus Dumbledore to intervene, promising in exchange for keeping her safe, he'd '' do anything ''.

A cruel and bitter man, Severus Snape, I found from my reading of the texts, was also very brave. During Lord Voldemort's second attempt to take power, he began life as a double-agent, favoring The Resistance. It was only after his death, that it was revealed he had not murdered Albus Dumbledore, but rather helped a dear old friend avoid humiliation.

For such reasons is this character my favorite.

Source by CJ McCarthy

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