LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Game – Doubling The Fun Of Playing Board Games

LEGO has for decades, been known as a pioneer when it comes to designing innovative and exciting games and toys. The company was founded in Billund, Denmark in the 1940's, and its flagship product is LEGO, which consist of interlocking plastic bricks in different colors, and comes with an accompanying array of gears and other parts. LEGO continues to achieve an international appeal, and today manufactures a wide array of games, video games, competitions, and operates four LEGO-themed amusement parks. LEGO has also created an exciting line of toys and games that are based on the highly-popular Harry Potter movie series. Here's a look at the popular LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Game.

Main Features of The LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Game

The Harry Potter Hogwarts Game by LEGO is an exciting game, where you race down moving staircases, enter secret passageways, and run back and forth to your common room with all your homework. This game is both challenging and fun for the whole family. The Harry Potter Hogwarts castle is made up of some of the most popular characters, and includes Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Argus Filch and his cat, Albus Dumbledore, Professor Snape, McGonagall, Flitwick, Mrs. Norris, Hermione Grange and two Dementor mini-figures. The Harry Potter Hogwarts Game includes a LEGO dice, 9 LEGO micro-figures, 5 special micro-figures which include Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley and Aldus Dumbledore. It also includes 332 LEGO pieces, 1 rule booklet, 1 building instruction booklet, and 4 Hogwarts student micro-figures. The game is designed for two to four players, and game play runs for an estimated 10 to 20 minutes.

Mixing The Fun Of Playing A Board Game With The Tactile Pleasures Of Building The Board

What makes the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts game so innovative is that it combines the excitement of playing a board game, with the added fun of constructing the play-site. Before the game can start, the players need to first build the small-scale model of Hogwarts, so that they'll have a surface to work on. Once you've finished creating the board, you can play and choose to be Harry, Ron, Malfoy, Hermione or Dumbledore. The game really shines because players need to first reconstruct the board, and while the game comes with an easy-to-follow instruction booklet, the idea here is to race around the castle, and gather four different kinds of home work. The best thing is that by changing how the game board is built, a player can also change the way they play the game, as well as determine how difficult it is.

The LEGO Hogwarts Castle is actually the largest of the Potter Collections. The model for example, contains 1,290 or more LEGO pieces, 11 LEGO mini-figures, and 3 instructional manuals. The castle's design is wonderfully detailed, right down to Gryffindor's sword, Professor Dumbledore's room and even the face of Sirius Black inside the Gryffindor common room.

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