Harry Potter In Rome, Muggles Be Aware!

To all those who feel a bit magical and have decided to fly out to Rome on a Nimbus 2000 on a very special weekend for the magic world. Nothing to be missed. Rome is behind to nobody and all the major bookstores will be open at 08:00 am sharp on the 21st of July for the last chapter of the Harry Potter saga. Book your Rome accommodation and you will spend a very original weekend with the most known wizard in the world.

Feltrinelli International, one of the major bookshops in Rome is located in the Termini area, therefore you could book one of the many hotels around there. 4 star hotels as well as 2 star guest houses and bed and breakfast to satisfy all kind of wizard and witch. It would be nice to stay in the area since the bookstore is organizing events that will go on for the whole day. At 08:00 breakfast with Potter, at 17:00 Tea Time and at 18:00 reading with Alison Victoria. Not to be missed !!

The Almost Corner Bookshop is doing something even more original. It will be open from 01:00 to 01:30 am which is exactly 12:00 Greenwich time. The bookstore is located in the Trastevere area which is once again rich of nice bed and breakfast and cozy hotels. Trastevere is, according to many, one of the most characteristic, more mysterious areas of Rome. It is full of narrow alleys and gloomy ends. Some parts of the area are so quite to seem near inhabited, just the perfect spot for a nice trip abroad of the Hogwarts students. Rome is even organized to host a real quidditch game. Circo Massimo could be the ideal location to enjoy a super cool quidditch match enclosed of course … that is full of history.

After you have purchased your book you could spend a few hours in the Avalon Pub. Wood tables and benches, gloomy atmosphere, gates, armours, it resembles a castle. You could really feel at Hogwarts. Avalon takes its modern name from the celtic Annwyn, or rather the fairy godmother island. Nothing better! Enjoy.

Rome offers nice lodgings and cheap bed and breakfast around the Vatican area for the muggle world, for those who do not believe in magic and for those who refuse to see its positive aspects; for those who agree with Rev. Amorth who condemns Harry Potter novels affirming it can easily lead to Devil and could confuse a young child who reads the novel. For those who believe that magic is Evil, Rome offers nice hotels with or without private facilities for those who are on a budget but still want to enjoy the protected atmosphere of a holy world. Relax. Do not be so uptight. Do not worry, Christian parents. Harry Potter is not the real world! It is an imaginary world. Children know the difference between the two.

Come on then! The pro Harry Potter could spend the weekend in Rome without having to hide. They could purchase the last book of their favorite hero and spend a nice weekend booking a hotel room where Harry Potter would book it too. For the others …. oh well Rome is big enough. The Eternal city will accommodate you as well.

Source by Paola Lo Russo

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