Harry Potter Halloween Costume – Making Your Halloween Magical

Costumes make Halloween very special for children. Kids can get dressed as different characters from movies, comics or books during Halloween and there is no dearth of choices. But the costume which is by far the most popular with kids is the Harry Potter Halloween costume.

Lately, homemade costumes are out of fashion, therefore buying a readymade Halloween costume is a prudent choice. Readymade Harry Potter Halloween costumes are long-repeating and also cheaper than home-made Harry Potter Halloween costumes.

The great thing about Harry books and movies is the number of characters. So now you can dress up as Harry Potter and ask your friends and family to dress up as other characters in Mr. Potter's franchise! Your friends can dress up as Harry's friends: Ron Weasley or as the smart Hermoine Granger by adding Griffindor accessories like scarf, hat or a tie to their costume. Or they can dress up as the wicked Dolores Umbridge who makes kids write 'I must not tell lies' with their blood. Your Dolores Umbridge costume would look believable if you wear a bright colored cape decorated with frills. Also wear a retro wig to round up your Dolores Umbridge look. There are also other 'evil' characters like Voldemort and creatures like Dementors to dress as.

If you want to dress up as the boy wonder Harry Potter himself you can get hooded robe, similar round framed spectacles and lantern and, of course, the wand, as any sorcerer would be incomplete without his wand. There is a scar kit to make the Halloween costume more convincing. Adults should not be disappointed as Harry costumes are also available in men's sizes. You can also purchase Harry Potter quidditch robes but note that you will have to buy the broomsticks separately.

Dressing up as Lucius and Draco Malfoy can be fun too. To dress up as Lucius wear long black robes, a long blonde wig and carry a walking stick, and wear a short blond wig with long black robes if you want to dress as Draco.

The Harry Potter deluxe Gryffindor robe looks very authentic as it is made up of fleece while other Halloween costumes are made up of tissue paper. Therefore it serves as a Harry Potter Halloween costume as well as a sweater by protecting you from cold.

Luna Lovegood is another interesting and fun Harry Potter character you can dress as. It includes rods, wigg, cork necklace and quirky plastic spectacles. Young girls like to dress up as Bellatrix LeStrange as she has a very cool look. Bellatrix LeStrange's costume includes a black corset, leather pants, boots and black gloves. Mess up your hair to make the Bellatrix LeStange look more convincing.

Recently it was announced that the seven part Potter has come to an end but, rest assured, it will always have a special place in young muggles' hearts and be a popular Halloween costume.

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