Harry Potter Deathy Hallows Costumes

On Friday November 19th, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: The Hunt Begins opens in the theaters nationwide. This final chapter of the Harry Potter film franchise will be broken down into 2 parts, with the last coming out sometime in July 2011. The plot of this film follows the book to the same degree that the other films do. Here, Harry, Ron and Hermione leave the safety of Hogwarts to find and destroy the Horcurxes – the secret to the evil Lord Voldemort.

Of course, each time a Harry Potter movie comes out; there is renewed interest in costumes from this magical wizarding tale. And, with the June 18, 2010 opening of "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter," a Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida, all things Harry Potter is hot, hot, hot! Dressing up as a Harry Potter costume for Halloween, a child's birthday party or for the opening-day festivities of Deathly Hallows.

In much of the story, Harry, Ron and Hermione are not wearing their traditional school garb because they have banded together to leave the compound and help bring down Voldemort who is out lurking in the world. So costume ideas for these characters should focus on typical teenager type clothing, paying special attention to the distinct facial features of each.

Jeans, plaid shirts and jackets make a great start for Harry Potter Deathly Hallows costumes. To recreate Harry's look, dark hair and a pair of gold, round eyeglasses are a lot – as is the iconic lighting bolt scar on his forehead which was infected on him when he was just a baby. A Hermione costume should feature a long, light brown with of wavy hair – as she's gotten older, her hair is definitely not as bushy as it once was. Also, magic books and a wand also go well with her costume as she's usually the one to figure out the clues and spells first. A red, short wig and freckles will complement a Ron Weasley costume.

As for the villains of the film, costume ideas include He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named (aka Lord Voldemort) for guys and Bellatrix Lestrange for the gals. A Lord Voldemort costume can be put together with a dark cloak or cape, a bald cap and white face paint to create a hideous snake-like face. The look of a Bellatrix Lestrange costume is that of disheveled goth girl. A goth costume in black with ripped fishnet stockings and a messy long black wig will cast an evil spell!

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