Harry Potter Costumes Cast Their Spell on Anyone

Looking for a few ideas for Harry Potter costumes for this year's Halloween parties? Dressing up as Harry or one of the other characters commonly seen roaming the halls of Hogwarts is easy and inexpensive, and if you're anything like me then easy and inexpensive are two key factors to consider when choosing a Halloween costume!

Most Harry Potter costumes require little little more than some robes and a wand. Of course, you can get creative with accessories (like a broomstick, or a wizard's hat, for example) if you want, but with the immense popularity surrounding the books, movies, and toys, even simple Potter themed costumes are bound to get recognized .

Harry Potter costumes are available for purchase at any costume shop, although you can save some money by ordering them online – finding a website that offers them not difficult at all, and you can also try your luck bidding on eBay.

However, given the simplicity of most Potter costumes, and keeping in mind that Halloween is a great chance to let your creative side shine, why not try your hand at making your own costume? As you can see in the popular series of movies, most of the characters would require very little in the line of clothing, make-up, and accessories to copy. The ease of Harry Potter costumes is another reason that they remain so popular year after year!

Serving The Dark Lord

If you want to stick with the Potter theme, but do not want to be just another Harry, Hagrid, or Dumbledore at the party, why not try your hand at making a Dementor costume? If you start with a clear picture of a Dementor, you can see that when it comes to Harry Potter costumes, a Dementor costume is an easy way to stay true to the theme while still being a bit original.

When it comes to Harry Potter costumes, a Dementor costume is one of the easiest to make. It requires little more than some black robes, with some black strips of fabric sewn on to them to give your costume a more ghost-like feel. Sheer black fabric can also be used to create the hood of your Dementor costume, and you can use make-up to disguise your face and hands, or splurge a little on a Dementor mask and glove set to really make your costume stand out.

Other Options

And, of course, dressing up as everyone's favorite boy-wizard is easy to do, too. You'll need to find a pair of those famous round glasses, of course. They can be purchased inexpensively at a toy store or online, as can his famous striped scarf. Add some rods and a lightning bolt shaped scar on your forehead and your Harry Potter costume is complete! You can add a wand, or even a stuffed white owl, for extra flair.

There are also plenty of options for female Harry Potter costumes. Hermione Granger, Professor McDonnegall, and Bellatrix LeStrange are just a few. Also, there's no reason there could not be a female Death Eater or a female Dementor.

Book store opens, movies, Halloween – Harry Potter costumes come in handy for many different occasions. No matter which Hogwarts character you choose to dress up as, you're sure to have a magical time in your Harry Potter costume!

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