Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – A New Projection of 3D


With the advancement in the technological standards, likewise, the cinematography and graphics of the films have also been greatly augmented. Harry Potter, the fictional adventurous concept, has been enriched with illusions and mere inventions on behalf of the author. In order to portray the creativity of the author’s original conception, it became an equally important responsibility of the director to use the state-of-the-art techniques for their productions.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is the newest to-be-released sensation in the market with much anticipative cries arousing all round the globe. The sophisticated video effects that had to be increased in the movie are expected to be adroit and of superior coordination. Tim Burke and Tim Alexander have been the video effects supervisors in this penultimate film that will be shortly released with the expected paramount 3D displays.

Two main scenes in the movie required extra emphasis to be paid on them. These aspects required extra expertise and diligence from the whole team of computer graphics designers. Extra budget was spent on making the anticipative scenes perfect and entertaining by using extensive machinery and substances. After a series of various combinations and experiments, correct matches were found that could enhance the vision of the movie.

Inferi-attack scene took several months in its creation and finalisation. According to the director, David Yates, whole of the team had to take care of every minute detail in order to make it pragmatic, genuine and avoid resemblance to a “zombie” movie. Inferi had to be created as being skinner, bolder and scarier. From their depiction in the author’s note, they had to be grey and unable to groan or moan.

They couldn’t move fast but also not really slow. All these parameters had to be kept in consideration before finalising their graphic appearances. Due to the complications of productions of these Inferi, the supervisors had to work long enough to present a satisfactory module. The incredible by-product is expected to be a masterpiece of 3D animations and productions that are an eternal part of the fictional tale.

At the succession of the Inferi-attack, the ring of fire that is created in order to save, Dumbledore and Harry from their attack is also an important occasion of 3D exposure. It had to be created in such a way as if propane was being burnt. The graphic designers had to carry out a lot of experimental procedures to produce a perfect sample for the ring of fire.

Chris Horvath, computer graphics artist, had to spend eight months to find an easier way of conjuring flames. This has proved to be an endeavouring task for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’s entire team in order to boost up the standard of 3D graphics that, expectedly, would increase the thrill of the whole venture.

Many graphical films have so far been released with new ideas being revealed in order to enhance the technological advancement to greater heights and introduce new state-of-the-art techniques. Likewise, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince would also prove to be a new dimension in the graphics world.

Source by Michael Nielsen