A Funny Technique Which Helps in Problem Solving and Decision Making


I would like to share with you a technique which I unknowingly used even from my childhood when I faced crisis situations or when the situation challenged me to make a tough decision. It is really funny and quite simple, but the attractiveness is that, it works, at least for me. I’m not saying that this is a magical remedy for problem-solving or decision-making, but this will give you some insights, which will help you in decision making. Let me know how do you feel about it!

If you search the web for WWJD, you will find information regarding a concept named “What Would Jesus Do?”. This is a famous slogan among religious Christian youth, especially in the United States. Their concept is this – When you are about to take a decision or do something, just think what Jesus would have done if he was in your place. What decision Jesus would have taken in this situation? And they act upon the insight they receive from this question. This way, WWJD is a concept which give purpose to thousands of believers.

Now, coming to our technique, the difference is that we are not particular that we need Jesus Christ only. Of course I would add this – If you are a good believer and if you liked the idea of WWJD, go for it. But my technique is that, you can substitute Jesus with your hero/heroin. Be it another spiritual figure like Buddha, Krishna, Mohamed, be it a war hero/heroin like Joan of Arch, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander The Great, be it a diplomat like Sir. Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi,Margret Thacher or even be it an imaginary character like James Bond, Indiana Jones or Captain Jack Sparrow!

Remember- Don’t treat this as highly philosophical. Take it lightly. It’s fun. If you have seen “Pirates of Caribbean” movies, you might have noted the lightness with which Captain Sparrow faces dangerous situations with a funny comment. So imagine what would he might have said/done if he was in your situation. Alternatively you can just explain him your problem in your imagination and seek his advice. If Sparrow does not suite you, try James Bond or whoever interests you. Girls, go for a bat woman or Lara Croft if you like. It is a meaningful fun!

The trick is that, however tough we are outside, we all love fantasies deep inside. So utilize it. For me, the character Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series is very much appealing. Through his eyes, every problem is really an opportunity and is quite fun. And his calculations are never mistaken.

You don’t need to depend upon just one person, actually don’t do it. Use every character/person whom you feel like. I may be crazy to reveal you one thing here – In my primary school days, in my mind, I had created a wonderful “inner world”. I had an advisory board whose members were Mahatma Gandhi, Sherlock Holmes, Napoleon Bonaparte, Sir Issac Newton and Lady Florence Nightingale. Mr.Holmes kept my investigative instinct intact, Newton took charge of my scientific curiosity, Napoleon tried to provoke me to think like a winner always and Gandhi and Lady Nightingale took charge of the morality department. Occasionally, after confirming with my advisory board, I checked external help as well. That means people outside advisory board – Perhaps Mandela or Nehru occasionally.

This is just a way to exercise your creativity and imagination for problem solving in a playful manner. Give this a try! And share your views.

Source by Jaidev C

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