Where To Buy Lego By Harry Potter

Are you looking for Harry Potter Lego sets on sale? Many people are, and they are also looking for a great price. The aim of this article is to enable you to get a really good deal on the Lego … Read More

Revisiting the Potter-Mania With JK Rowling’s Books

After the successful release of the second and final installment of Harry Potter, the worldwide phenomenon has concluded its more-than-a-decade-long rule of both the bestsellers list and the box office. As the Potter-mania reached its natural end, readers may indulge … Read More

Magic Wands

A wand is a thin, straight, hand-held stick, usually made of wood, ivory or metal which is considered to be generally used in witchcraft for casting various kinds of spells. Some religions use wands as part of ceremonial rituals. The … Read More

The Harry Potter Book Series

If you have not heard about Harry Potter, where have you been hiding? Harry Potter is a character created by the brilliant writer JKRowling, and first came known to us in 1997. 7 books later and with nearly 500 million … Read More

Harry Potter and Its Audience

Why Harry Potter the movie became one of the most fascinating movies? While we all know that the movie is full of visual effects created with the aid of the advance technology, the effects to the movie goers seems to … Read More

Is Witchcraft Real or Fake?

Is witchcraft real, you ask? Yes! Witchcraft is very real! There are more than 10 million witches in the United States, with new practitioners on the rise daily. Being a witch is slightly different than what you may have seen … Read More

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