Exploring the Charming Los Angeles

Located in the Southern side of sunny California, Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US. Home to Hollywood stars, this ‘City of Angels’ is the most glamorous city you’ll ever visit. Movie fanatics can go on a … Read More

Fun Harry Potter Crafts for Kids

Even though the Harry Potter book franchise is now at an end, the books are still just as popular as they ever were. Children love the magic that goes along with Harry, Hermione, and Ron as they go on their … Read More

AGREATLIFE Wooden Chess Set: Universal Standard Wooden Chess Board Game Set – Handcrafted Wood Game Pieces, Pawns – 15-inch Board with Magnet Closure – Perfect Beginner Chess Set for Kids

PRIME WOODEN CHESS SET ON BEST DEALS EVERY DAY. Learn to play like the pro with this high-quality folding wooden chess set with storage. The chess pieces and board-wooden, handcrafted, and top-quality-makes every game more appealing and exciting. Storage should not be a problem with this magnetized wood chess set.
IDEAL BEGINNER CHESS SET FOR KIDS. Providing a good alternative to the electronic gadgets most kids are engrossed with nowadays, this chest set for kids (and for adults) will be a useful start for an intellectually stimulating hobby. This standard wooden chess set should make learning chess interesting and enjoyable.
TRAVEL CHESS SET WITH MAGNET CLOSURE. Play a game or two with your kids at home, with your coffee buddy at the office, or with the friendly ice cream vendor at the park with this wooden chess set with storage. The magnetized wood chess set with 16-inch board is lightweight and portable to carry around without the hassle.… Read More

Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit – Build a wand. Learn to code. Make magic

Build a wand that responds to your movements. Comes with wand parts, PCB with codeable LED, button, batteries, step-by-step book, stickers, poster, and free Kano app. Tablet not included.
Learn to code with 70+ step-by-step creative challenges. Make feathers fly, goblets multiply, fire flow, pumpkins grow, and more.
Wave your wand and see instant effects on screen. Create with creatures, sweets, spells, 200+ exclusive sounds, music, and wizarding artefacts.… Read More

Ravensburger Maze

Luke Skywalker, Yoda, R2-D2, BB-8. Rey, Kylo Ren and many other popular characters from the Star Wars series have hidden in the galactic maze and are waiting to be discovered.
This item includes 1x Game board, 34x Maze cards, 24x Treasure cards, 4x playing pieces, 1x Set of Instructions
This game is suitable for 2-4 players… Read More

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