2009 Best-Selling Harry Potter Halloween Costumes

Fans from across the globe have gone gaga over Harry Potter since the book released its first copy and the film started showing in theaters. Fans could not just get enough of it! It has mesmerized all its enchanted fans with its various merchandise and collectibles sold in the market. Harry already has his own video and online game, toys, posters, notebooks, calendars plus the most famous birthmark, his bolt scar! Ever since it has captured its target audience, people could not seem to get enough.

The most recent film which was shown in theaters in July, 2009 impressed its millions upon millions of fans that filled the cinemas with first-class special effects and inspiring scenes. After the movie's release, all the fans could not wait to get the latest Halloween costumes in stores! Oh how fans enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters! It will surely look like a grand Harry Potter convention on Halloween!

If your are planning to attend not just one, two or three parties this Halloween, then showing up as Hogwart's most outstanding student can be quite outstanding as well! The latest movie, highlighted two main characters who were primarily Ron Weasley and the Death Eaters. The following are some popular Harry Potter Halloween costumes that you can wear for any occasion or joint gathering this Halloween:

The Ron Weasley costume symbolizes Ron's success during his frist Quidditch Match thanks to the love of his life, Hermione. Unlike the rest of the Quidditch team during the previous movies and the latest one, Ron's wardrobe is the only Quidditch apparel that is clad in red and yellow Gryffindor robes and sweaters with an additional red leather helmet. Ron is also the only Quidditch player who is wearing a safety gear such as a leather chest armor and shoulder pad to complete his role as the team's keeper.

Lord Voldermort's most loyal followers who are also known as the Death Eaters have their own Death Eater costumes for Halloween too. With their masks on, every Death Eater looks so frustrating and evil. Despite this fact, these costumes have become quite a hit laTely. Harry Potter better watch out because their might be more Death Eater recruits than there are for him! The Death Eaters costumes are complete with a black-hooded cape and gray and white masks. So beware! Wherever Harry Potter hides, the Dark Lord's Death Eaters will surely find him!

Halloween is no doubt going to be one of the largest gatherings of all Harry Potter fans because of the big number of character costumes available. There are a lot of Harry Potter costumes online. All you have to do is type in Harry Potter costumes in the search bar and voila, you will be bombarded with page upon filled page of websites offering the best halloween costumes you can find near your area.

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